Brand new dog friendly hike on the Peninsula – who da thunk!

D and the Mag on Hidden Canyon hike

L would pretty much bet her life on the fact that she’d hiked every dog-friendly hike on the Peninsula during the Cassie years. But she would have been a loser.

Today the Adventurers ventured up to the City of Belmont that has a number of trails that take off from Hidden Canyon and connect to Water Dog Lake in the John Brooks Open Space. Except for a stroll around the Lake years ago, she somehow missed them all.

And that meant missing a lot. Lot of good up and down combined with spectacular views. And while the trails are said to be popular with mountain bikers, the few they encountered today was polite (except for one kid who came barreling by way too fast).

D and the Mag at Waterdog Lake

The slight downside is that you’re never really very far away from houses. But because they’re tucked into the hillsides they aren’t very obtrusive.

A plus was sitting in the shade by the little Lake, which is considerably down from its highest point, a fact that didn’t bother The Mag.

A bonus today was spotting a couple of deer and no mountain lions or rattle snacks, although there were warnings about both. This will now be dialed into their hiking rotation and look forward to the winter rains that will rush through its creeks…

Hike/easy to moderate with some good pulls/5.5 miles

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1 Response to Brand new dog friendly hike on the Peninsula – who da thunk!

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Sounds like a winner!

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