Getting a taste of the culture and food of the Peninsula

D at art exhibit

A number of factors went into the Adventurers late afternoon/early evening adventure.

awesome fried chickenThe first is that D is taking a drawing class taught by artist and architect Jim Caldwell, whose sketchbooks he much admires. So he was interested in seeing the sketchbooks on display at Cantor done by Richard Diebenkorn. In reality, very few are actually on display but thousands are on accessible digitally. That will keep D occupied for months to come.

They then headed to downtown Palo Alto to eat a Bird Dog, a big deal restaurant opened by Robbie Wilson who we’re told is a “big deal chef.” L remembered that the last “big deal chef” to hit Palo Also was Wolfgang Puck and that was two decades ago.

The reviews of the restaurant have been mixed. People either seem to love it or hate it. All in all the Adventurers came down on the love it side. Interesting food, such as crispy fried chicken pictured  that you can’t get at other restaurants as well as a killer faro that had sunny side up egg on top. And it was made more pleasurable by a great waiter named Brian.

So, they will probably be back…

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