Exploring another hidden wonderland – the Phleger estate in Woodside

D at Huddart park

It was a Maggie-grooming-day, so per usual the Adventurers picked a hike that was “no dogs allowed” as the large sign proclaimed.

Their targeted area was the Phleger estate, which is not easily assessed. (Some have written that’s purposely so due to adjacent residents’ pressure.) You can get there from Huddart Park but the Adventurers chose a kind of backdoor on the Crystal Spring Trail that parallels Raymundo, before descending into Huddart. There they turned right on Richard’s Road Trail until entering Phleger.

D and the Mag on Bastille DAyTwo features of Phleger are very pleasant on what they knew was going to be a hot summer day. The trail is almost entirely shaded, and there’s water in the streams. The Redwoods are almost entirely second growth as the area was heavily logged, and they are remnants of various mills.

What they’d hoped to be a loop route proved too lengthy as The Mag needed to be picked up, but there out and back provoked a good workout.

With Mag in tow, they headed to Left Bank in downtown Menlo to celebrate Bastille Day…

Hike/easy with a couple of good pulls/5.85 miles

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