First visit to “the kids” new house

Kevin Durant_Warriors

Today marked a journey. All of their married life son John and wife Julie have lived in Oakland, at a number of residences. But last month they moved to the other side of the tunnel to Moraga.

Venus fly trap waitingThis was the Adventurers first visit. L had hung out during her childhood in neighboring Orinda where one of her mother’s best friends from high school lived. But she hadn’t been on that side of the tunnel for many years.

It was fitting that they said good-bye to Oakland visits while [joyously] welcoming Kevin Durant to the Warriors, proclaimed by a gigantic poster at Oracle.

Once off of highway 24, they wound their way through Orinda before coming into lovely Rheem Valley, which L had never heard of but D knew as the home of nearby St. Mary’s College.

The kids’ new house is slightly up a hill. But unlike there last Oakland house, it’s all one level. And super spacious.

The big feature is a pool that both grandkids love, and there was lots of ball played today. Also of interest, a Venus fly trap that James watched with fascination lest some bug fall prey.

After a good barbecue lunch, L retreated to the living room to play a new game with Grace which Julie had played as a child. Meanwhile the three “boys” hung out in the pool being boys…

Grace and the Beaz_pool fun

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1 Response to First visit to “the kids” new house

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Please pass on our congrats to John and Julie on the new house!

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