Walking around Lake Merced provides different perspective on the City

walk around Lake Merced

The Adventurers had to go up to UCSF today to pick up their glasses and brought The Mag along thinking they’d do one of their favorite walks, from the Cliff House to Land’s End. But it was foggy wet and cold.

So, they decided to do what they’d been talking about for awhile, walk around Lake Merced where they fog was less soupy.

Racoon at Lake MercedIt’s not a great walk like Green Lake in Seattle or the reservoir in New York City. The path along Lake Merced often veers from the lake along busy streets. But it did make them see the City in a different perspective, e.g. the opposite side the Park Merced high-rises they more topically see from 19th Ave.

One surprise greeted them at the parking lot on the street that leads to Harding Park. A pair of raccoons was unusually bold and didn’t seem to see Maggie – or any other dogs – a threat. They knew Maggie would be no match so kept her close.

Lake Merced now off the checklist…

Walk/easy/4.5 miles

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