Tale of two kayakers and three different San Juan Island experiences

L kayaking at MItchell Bay

The Adventurers are in the Pacific Northwest where they are not only getting to visit D’s youngest grandchild, Wilder, but to see some places that neither of them have been.

As background, about a month before L and D went to their fateful Giants game (7/27/12), D and college buddy Wally had done a long road trip that included a stop at Orcas Island, north of Seattle.

Earlier this year, that led D to think about how he could both show the islands north of Seattle to L  but combine it with a visit with daughter Jill, husband Tim and grandson Wilder. He researched all the possibilities and decided that Snug Harbor on San Juan Island fit the bill.

And that’s where the Adventurers landed today after spending last night in Seattle with Jill and family.

D kayaking at MItchell Bay

It was a day of three totally different island experiences. Friday Harbor, where their ferry from Anacrotes landed is a chock-a-block tourist city, although not without its charm. At the other side of the island is Roche Harbor which boasts some of the island’s oldest structures along with a lot of buildings that are pretending to be old (and not doing so successfully).

They chose to dine at the oldest restaurant, McMillin’s Dining Room, which reminded them a bit of the Mission Inn in Carmel, one of their favorites.

But clearly the best outdoor outing of the day was heading out easily from the resort’s dock into Mitchell’s Bay for a great two-mile kayak…

Kayak/easy/two miles

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