It’s about the whales, not the lime, at Lime Kiln State Park

Light house at Lime Kiln Park

The Adventurers were looking for a good morning hike of around four miles, given that D was golfing in the afternoon with son-in-law Tim. So they settled on Lime Kiln State Park which was, more or less, just down the road from where they are staying on Mitchell’s Bay on San Juan Island.

D photographing Light HouseThey quickly found out that it’s not the history of the lime quarry that brings visitors to the park but rather the opportunities for whale watching. That meant lots of folks clustered around the light house patiently waiting for some Orcas to show their face (or fin) – and very few on the loop trail they did, which was shorter than intended due to a wrong turn.

During the lime quarry operation, the area was heavily forested so much along the trail is second growth, with lots of madrones, which were exceptionally pretty in the morning light.

Much of the trail out was along the bluff so the kept looking for whales, but saw not a one. They’d missed the last pod, they were told by an hour or so…

L in Madrone forest

Photo of Light House and Madrone forest by Dennis Nugent; photo of Dennis Nugent by Linda Hubbard

Hike/easy/two miles

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