Down low, up high at English Camp on San Juan Island

parade grounds at English Camp

The campers, as D refers to folks on this family outing to San Juan Island, took in a bit o history along with a hike this morning.

They started where the English once had a garrison here, the result of the shooting of a pig on the island in 1859 that brought England and the U.S. to the brink of war. They both established camps, British soldiers at Garrison Bay and the Americans at the southern end. The dispute was settled in 1872.

The began the hike on the parade grounds, which still have some building, before heading to a loop trail that took them to Bell Point overlooking Westcott Bay.

up high at English Camp

They then headed up for about a mile and half before reaching the top of Young Hill. This was the trek the British soldiers used to train. It was a good one, with one long pull. From the top, they could see Mitchell Bay where they are staying.

After a shopping trip to the farmers market in Friday Harbor, the Adventurers had a great lunch at the cheese shop. Great local cheeses…

Hike/moderate with one long steep pull/4.75 miles


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One Response to Down low, up high at English Camp on San Juan Island

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    What a lovely family day. Gorgeous scenery there!

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