Escaping to the water and exploring American Camp

D and L kayaking Haro Strait

With the kids moving on to Victoria this morning, the Adventurers scheduled a three-hour paddle that took them out to Haro Strait with the hopes of spotting some Orcas.

The current took them out quickly so they ventured further than normal, according to their guide, Dalton, who will be starting his second year at Georgetown in the Fall. That allowed them to get close to an eagle’s neck and later have a bald eagle fly above them. But no Orcas.

And they find out the reason why. There are three pods of Orcas at San Juan island, J, K and L pods. They travel together around the island, and where they are is where they are. Unlike the West Coast of California where they often see a grey or humpback whale traveling solo, the Orcas stay in their pods. Dalton admitted that in his summer of leading kayak tours, he’d only stumbled upon a pod six times. It was an enjoyable paddle nevertheless.

After a second tasty lunch at San Juan Cheese Company, they head out to American camp, which is a dog leg of land in the southeast. They took a nice mile-long walk along  4th  of July beach, where they watched the heron fish and L spotted a river otter with a fish in his mouth. (Sea otters were hunted to extinction on the island but the river otter has taken its place.)

They also saw a beautiful fox along the roadway, an island favorite. So, its wasn’t a wildlife bust…

Paddle/easy with a bit of current on the way back/7 miles
Walk in town/easy/1 miles
Walk along 4th of July beach/easy/1 miles

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