Back where it all began four years ago in the same seats

L and D on July 27 2016

So, it started at an Orange Friday night game on July 27, 2012, when D came over and joined L for a Giants baseball game with her son John and one of his buddies. Their team lost to the Dodgers, 5-3, but neither could remember that given their instant connection

They returned the following year, and the Giants lost to the Cubs, 1-0, with Romo taking they loss as he did the year before.

2014 brought another loss to the Dodgers, this time 4-3. But L got a special scoreboard message as a surprise.

Then in 2015, they finally watched a win, with the Giants beating the Brewers 4-2. During the third inning D popped the question via the scoreboard and produced a surprise Cracker Jack engagement ring!

This year is was a quieter celebration, this time with the good company of M-A friends Rob and Nancy. And yet another loss, this time 2-1 to the lowly Reds. On to another year..

Walk/easy/2 miles

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