Enjoying a Ports victory at San Jose Municipal Stadium

Christine and Rick_Ports win

The Adventurers made their second trip of the year down to San Jose Municipal Stadium to watch the hometown Giants take on the San Jose Ports, managed by friend Rick Magnante, husband of UCLA roomie Christine was in town to take in the series. The 5:00 start meant it was not a just right temperature at game time.

L with George BrettThe Ports took command early, knocking the Giants pitcher out in the first inning without recording an out. And their domination continued with a grand slam home run hit by B.J. Boyd.

The Giants crept back in the latter innings but the Ports answered back and won 9-4. L suggested to Rick that it was what Kruk called a “heh heh heh laugher” but Rick didn’t buy it.

L sent the photo of her and George Brett to son John; Brett is his all-time favorite player. L wasn’t sure why Brett, who spent his entire career with Kansas City, had a poster there but later found out he’d played at Municipal Stadium for the San Jose Bees in 1972 before making it to the big leagues.

Afterward they went to LB Steak in Santana Row for dinner. The place was jumping, unlike Saturday night in sleepy Menlo Park…

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