Off to the mountains with the kids

getting feet wet on Saturday afternoon1

The annual mountain outing to Pinecrest this summer includes grandkids Grace and James. The plan is to also visit D’s daughter Nikki and family who are the Lair of the Golden Bear this week.

first stop Wood Creek cafe with the cowsThe stopped for lunch at the Wood Creek Cafe in Jamestown, which proved a huge hit with the kids given the hundreds of cows that decorate the spot, plus a very welcoming owner who makes cows flies and provides children with prizes for their coloring efforts.

It was then on to Strawberry where the Adventurers had rented a cabin. It wasn’t great ready for occupancy so they walked down the road so that the kids could put their feet in the Stanislas River. James was introduced to slippery rocks and promptly slid into the water, which surprised him more than hurt him.

Dinner was at the Lair with the twins. A good start to what will be a busy three days…

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