New boat game with D, more twin pool fun – all making for another full day

Boat game with D

The Adventurers had thought they might rent double kayaks to take the kids out on the Lake again, but D had the idea that buying one of the many floatables sold at the Pinecrest store might be more fun.

They chose a boat that James could sit down in, given that he wasn’t quite swimming yet. What they didn’t factor was how hard it would be to row, which Grace tried valiantly to do.

Nikki, Matt and the twins in poolBut D figured out a way to make it fun buy tying a thick string to the boat. L would swim the kids out from the shore, and then D would pull them in quickly to much cheering and laughter.

After a hot dog lunch (that took much longer to get than to eat), they headed back over to the Lair for more pool fun. Grace did lots of jumping from the diving board while James stayed and played in the shallow end, practicing what D termed “a good kick.”

The twins spent time in the wading pool with their parents and D got in for some “Papa Nu” fun…

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