Solo adventure to Hillary fundraiser

HillaryWe don’t talk much about politics here at Who Da Thunk. But today the Adventurers did solo adventures (D taking his last drawing class and then a referee gig at local high school, Sacred Heart Prep).

That was all well and good as L had been invited by good friend (and the priest who married them!) Frannie Hall Kieshnick to attend a luncheon at the Palo Alto home of one her good friends.

Problem was that the backyard “do” morphed into 700 people wanting to attend, so the event was moved to a hotel in Redwood Shores.

Intimate it was not. But eye opening it was, at least to this observer  who had never really been a “Hillary person.” In a closed setting (meaning no press) she’s much more authentic and real.

All to say, feel good about voting for her and know we will be in good hands for the next four years…

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