Heading south for hike in Big Basin Redwoods State Park

D and the Mag_Big Basin

Most of the state parks are off limits to the Adventurers due to their “no dogs on trails” policies. But L read in the current issue of Sunset that Big Basin Redwoods State Park in the Santa Cruz mountains had one dog trail. So that’s where they headed this morning.

L and Mag Big BasinThe trail was more a road, asphalt for the first mile, and then increasingly not maintained with the forest trying to take it back. But it meandered along a lovely creek with a number of opportunities for Maggie to splash before heading upward for the last mile.

Called North Escape Road, it was undoubtedly at one time, just that a road to use in case of forest fire. Today, most of the behemoth car/trucks would find it impassable.

It was great to be out amidst beautiful redwoods and they both wished more state parks would convert some of their lesser road to dog friendly access.

For the record they did undo any good they did by getting chocolate chip milkshakes in Boulder Creek on the way home…

Hike/easy/6 miles


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