Finally, a new adventure – one that includes theater and food

Stage set_Beautiful

The Adventurers have been doing mini-adventurers close to home, due mainly to the fact that this is water polo season, which means extra work for D, who is a referee for high school and junior college games.

But today had been blocked out many months ago. They’d bought tickets to see Beautiful, The Carole King Musical, which had played in San Francisco before its Broadway debut. They’d missed it then and weren’t going to miss it on its return to the City.

Kitchen view_Westlank Joe'sFor people of a certain age, the music of Carole King and her once husband, Gerry Coffin, wrote the soundtrack of their lives, beginning in grade school, through high school, and then post college when Tapestry was released.

They got to the theater only to find that three of the four main roles were being done by understudies, which they thought was a bit odd. But there was, of course, nothing to do but watch and Sarah Bockel, understudy for Amy Mueller, knocked it out of the park in her performance as Carole.

Next stop was dinner at Westlake Joe’s, which had opened earlier this year following a remodel and acquisition by the Duggan family who own the Joe’s that’s now in North Beach.

It was jumping even at 5:00, and kind of old school with a bit of new school dishes. A perfect ending to a good adventure day…

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