Late summer adventure begins at Caples Lake


The Adventurers often remark ‘there’s only one reason to miss Stockton – all the nearby paddling places. Not only is there a beautiful river – the Mokelumne as well as the Delta – you’re only about two hours from many Sierra lakes.

They usually get their Sierra paddling fix in when they make their annual trip to Pinecrest. But this year they took Grace and James – and it was a really, really good trip, but no paddling, just putt-putt motor boat ride across the lake.

mag-looks-at-bee-sacrificeSo they decided to take a post Labor Day jaunt and chose Sorenson’s Resort in Hope Valley, which is just beyond Kirkwood. They’d heard about this place forever and it’s advertised as “dog friendly” so they could take The Mag. (Whether it is really dog friendly, they beg to differ. Yes, there are some dedicated cabins that allow dogs. But you can’t take dogs with you to the outdoor dining. And there’s  a large sign saying “keep dogs off the grass.” Really?)

On the way, they stopped at pretty Caples Lake to paddle. Going in one direction, they felt like they were going up hill. Coming back, they caught a good current for a stretch before hitting a strong head wind. All for a good three plus mile workout.

They got to Sorenson’s before check-in but in time for lunch, which, of course they couldn’t have on the outside patio, so they ordered theoretically “ to go” and sat a few feet away. Good burgers, which would have been enjoyed a whole lot more with swarms of bees. The staff told them it was the worst season for bees in the Sierra since the late 80s. A shame because the grounds are quite lovely.

Their dinner strategy was to again order “to go” but have it delivered to their cabin. It is cozy and nice. They were able to eat outside by making a sacrifice to the bees with the remnants of D’s dinner, which Maggie was also interested in.

Before dinner, to work up an appetite they did the short loop behind the resort. Just enough to get their heart beating and a chance for The Mag to stretch her legs…

Paddle/some chop/3.6 miles
Hike/moderate/1.6 miles

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