Paddle on Lower Blue Lake and then a hike up to Granite Lake


It’s the season of the wild temperature swings in the Sierras, beautiful during the day but very brisk int the morning.

The Adventurers needed hats and gloves and quilted jackets when they took The Mag out for her morning constitutional, which came in two parts – 1/2 mile or so before breakfast and than a little under a mile before they headed out to kayak.

boulder-portraitThey’d hope the latter would make her a happier paddling partner. And it seemed to work – or by coincidence, she just mellowed out. They did a pretty paddle around Lower Blue Lake. The water was much calmer than the chop they’d experienced at Caples Lake yesterday and the only people the encountered were a few couples hiking the lake shore. One couple was good enough to take their photo.

Then it was off to Upper Blue Lake which is the trail head for Granite Lake. They ate half their lunch – fabulous sandwiches bought at Hope Valley Cafe just down the road from Sorensons – and started what was mainly an easy hike up to the lake with only a few steep places. And tons of gorgeous scenery, Maybe one of the best hikes ever, except they’ve been on so many good one! (That’s D and the Mag being a bit silly near one of the granite boulders.)

What they really noticed on this Sierra trip was all the granite. Of course, they knew it was there but after Zion and Bryce it’s majesty is all the more marvelous…

Paddle/easy/2.5 miles
Hike/fairly moderate/4.5 miles

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2 Responses to Paddle on Lower Blue Lake and then a hike up to Granite Lake

  1. Ginger terry says:

    So lovely! Makes me happier me sick for Tahie days

  2. Ginger terry says:

    Autocorrect. Makes me homesick for Tahoe Days! One should always read one’s copy!

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