Finally, a great adventure to the Santa Cruz mountains


So, the Adventurers have been quiet of late. That’s due to D’s having hurt his back (or leg – the jury is still out) working the Stanford football game at the Grove.

sally-and-mikeWhat started as a ouch developed into a “wow, I can hardly move,” that’s taken him through the worker’s comp protocol necessitated by Stanford.

But today, the Adventurers took a break from all that to keep a long-standing engagement to have lunch with Sally and Mike a their fabulous (and hidden) compound in the Santa Cruz mountains in the town of Brookdale.

Mike was quick to remind the visitors that many relatives questioned their move there from the Bay Area in the 70s, but over the decades that have followed they’ve fashioned a compound that is noted for both its beautiful location and the various artifacts (and art) that surrounds it.

The Mag came with them, and although she was her usual somewhat nervous self about being in an area she didn’t know, she figured out how to get into the pond on the property.

We should mention that the weather was perfect and the lunch delicious…


Walk around property/easy/.5 miles

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One Response to Finally, a great adventure to the Santa Cruz mountains

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Lovely spot! Glad D is on the mend! Our book club just read When Breath Becomes Air, which I believe is on the table. In spite of trepidation by a few members, all loved it.

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