Reunion continues – and then “the kids” make their annual Pumpkin Patch visit – all on D’s birthday


The 50th class reunion had a last hurrah today, gathering at Zott’s in Portola Valley, as many reunion classes do. (Point in fact, the Woodside class of  ’71 was also there.)

grace-and-james-at-webb-ranch-pumpkin-patch-1-1This was supposed to be an outdoor event but torrential rains forced everyone indoors, which was ok because it did provide an opportunity for further visiting as you kind of had to talk to who was next to you.

Both L and D caught up with some people that they hadn’t gotten a chance to visit with last night. They posed for a photo moment with two of L’s friend from Hillview School days, Rob and Jay.

Then it was home for brief “feet up” before John brought the grandkids over for their annual visit to Webb Ranch’s Pumpkin Patch, which they had almost to themselves, thanks to the inclement weather (although the rain let up while they were there).

James, for the first time learned to love the haunted house, which has been one of Gracie’s favorites for a long time. Then it was off to Tin Pot Creamery and eventually Dutch Goose to celebrate D’s birthday…

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