Perfect October day in San Francisco – just as they’d planned!


The Adventurers headed up to the City today to celebrate D’s birthday and there one-year wedding anniversary.

A  year ago, they’d met friends Ginger and Stan at a Presidio restaurant after their mini-honeymoon at Cavallo Point just across the Golden Gate Bridge. They decided it might be good to celebrate their first year anniversary on the San Francisco side of the Bay in the Presidio.


The Inn at the Presidio fit their requirements, given that it was dog friendly and they could bring The Mag. It was also close to some great walks/hikes in the Presidio, which is larger than most San Franciscans (or those from the Peninsula) know.

It was a gorgeous day when they walked from one end of Chrissy Field to Fort Point (famous fromVertigo, among others). D wanted to get photos of places he wantsto draw. They weren’t sure if the paddle boarders they saw were part of a competition being held today and tomorrow.


Most who they encountered were foreign, not surprising given that this was a working day. They Mag got lots of pets. And they almost got drenched by a huge wave…

Photos by Dennis Nugent 

Walk/easy/3.5 miles

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1 Response to Perfect October day in San Francisco – just as they’d planned!

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Aw! Happy first anniversary! I remember you were checking out the Inn that day we met to see if it was dog friendly! It really did look like a perfect San Francisco day! We loved being there with you– alas, our SF loft, owned by Doug and Margaret, has been usurped by their daughter, now working in SF indefinitely after graduation. The nerve!
    Enjoy, and would love to see D’s paintings.

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