Fabulous 5-mile hike in the Presidio on sparkling San Francisco day


The Adventurers couldn’t have picked a better October day to hike to more off the beaten pathways of the Presidio.

different-view-of-bridge-1The fabulous 5-mile loop started along Presidio Promenade which over looks the much-traveled path along Chrissy Field from above and passes along the San Francisco National Cemetery. That took them to the Golden Gate Pavilion on the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge, which was thronged with tourists and tour buses, the only place they encountered many people.

From there, they turned south along a trail that neither had ever been on which took them by a series of batteries that were currently housing a public art project called Home Land Security. It provided views of the Bridge that they’d never seen before.

As they headed back in the direction of their hotel, they passed a campground. Funny that both of them knew their was golf course in the Presidio but not a campground.

Every turn provided a bit of history or beautiful vista. One of the best hikes ever (although they always seem to be saying that)…

Photo of different view of bridge by Dennis Nugent; the threesome was snapped by fellow tourist

Hike/easy/5.2 miles

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