Escaping the country for a jaunt in New Zealand


Many people threatened to leave the country if Trump was elected. The Adventurers did.

Wednesday evening after the election, they boarded a plane bound for New Zealand. Landing in Auckland on Friday morning (no Thursday for them this week!), they transferred to a flight to Christchurch on the South Island, picked up a car and drove 90 minutes to Akaroa on the Banks Peninsula.

The town was originally settled by the French and sits on a lovely long bay with houses tucked into various hillside locations. Their staying at Beaufort House, built in 1878 and surrounded by beautiful gardens, including an unusual to them Bunya Bunya tree.


In an attempt to shake off the jet lag, the Adventures took a stroll down the hill to see what was happening in town. They stopped for a glass of wine at Menisus Wine Bar, talking with the owner and feeling more like the were in France than New Zealand.

Later, they joined the 6:00 “wine hour” hosted by Sharon and Noel, the owners. Other guests included a New Zealand woman traveling with her daughter and partner and a couple from France. The topic on everyone’s mind: How could the U.S elect this idiot? Alas, there is no real escaping…

A couple of miles of airport walking along with 1.35 to town and back

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1 Response to Escaping the country for a jaunt in New Zealand

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    What a lovely inn! And all looks so green! Keep the pics coming! You’re so lucky to leave the country for a while! I’m so depressed with the election and its aftermath! Have fun!

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