First day of out and about in New Zealand with waterfall hike


Reading the weather reports in advance of their visit, the Adventurers expected cool temperatures and rain. And that’s what they got this morning.

newtons-fall_arakoa-1After a great breakfast at Beaufort House, they headed out well bundled up. Their destination was Newtons Fall, which was across town and up a good hill. A local had told them that it was once a popular destination 100 years or so ago, but had been on private land until about 10 years ago when it became part of Misty Peaks Preserve. (And were the peaks misty today!).

Luckily, it never really rained, just spritzed off and on, and walking the mile or so up hill provided a good workout with views of the farms along the way. The waterfall itself was just a sliver of water, but always nice to have a destination when walking.

They got back into town just in time for lunch at one of the many French bistros. A good start to what they hope will be many good walks/hikes…

Hike/moderate/5.5 miles

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