On the twisty road from Akaroa to Kaikoura


The Adventurers bid good by to the Banks Peninsula with a stair master hike just outside Akaroa. They wanted a leg stretcher but the circular hike around Nagaio Point featured  500 or so stairs that first started down to a beach and then headed back up.

Next stop was their newfound favorite place — the Little River Cafe They both ordered sandwiches on Turkish Bread that were among the best they’d had — ever.

nagaio-point-1Because it was a long, twisty road journey, L had found a walk around a lagoon that they hoped would break up the drive. But they couldn’t get around the lagoon on foot, so they pressed on.

Arriving at the Manakau Lodge just north of Kaikoura, they settled down for a glass of wine while looking out at the spectacular scenery to the west —huge mountains with snow on the peaks.

Then it was back into town to dine at a brand new restaurant, Zephyr. Great staff, service and food and the kind of trendy place that they think Kaikoura needs (it does seem a bit tired).

It was a long day but filled with beautiful scenery and more Scotch Broom than they’d ever seen in the their life. If only New Zealand had scenic overlooks like along US highways, they might have gotten some photos…

Hike/stairmaster/two miles
Walk/easy/one mile

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