The day after in and around Kaikoura post earthquake


More about their adventures following the just after midnight quake on Monday: When his  guests arose after a whole night of shaking, gracious host Neil Protheroe, owner of Manakau Lodge,  fed the eight guests (4 German, 2 British and 2 Americans) breakfast and informed them that he couldn’t accommodate them given no water or electricity etc.

The Adventurers loaded themselves along with the British couple (who had come by train) in their rental car and took off north, foolishly thinking they’d make their way to Picton. Fat chance. No more than 5K up the road the came upon the first of the slides and a woman driving the other way informing them a forest of trees had fallen on the highway.

They stopped for lunch at Hupuku Lodge where they thought they might be able to get a room but that was impossible as the guests there who had been housed in the tree houses wanted no more part of being high in the sky.

So it was back to Neil who by the afternoon had given refuge to all of his 8 guests.

A foray into Kaikoura revealed how bad the situation was – and how lucky they were to have a place to stay. Hundreds were gathered in and around the town hospital, which had the only Wifi available. Many were there with their belongings and no place to go.

The Adventurers managed to get word out to their family and a smiling photo of them sitting on the hospital curb.  Neil continued his hospitality with wine and a good pasta dinner. Meanwhile the ground kept shaking…

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