WOW – that was a whole lot of shaking going on in Kaikoura


After their long day yesterday, the Adventurers went to bed on the early side, around 9:00 pm. That meant they’d had three good hours of sleep when all hell broke out.

They immediately knew it was an earthquake, one that went on and on and on (how long they will need to determine when they once again get Wifi; update 2 minutes!). Given that they were in a new, single level accommodation, they never feared for their lives, but it was a frightening experience in the dark.

d-measuring-fissure-on-levee-1The just-after-midnight quake probably saved lives given when it hit — only two confirmed dead. But what got their attention is that it continued to shake time and time again for the next 90 minutes. There was very little let up (or so it seemed in the dark of night).

But their impression was confirmed within 15 hours of the quake. There had been 250 after shakes, with about 35 of them 5 or more on the Richter scale.

What they saw the next morning was a whole side of mountain down, fixtures on a major highway that made it impassable, and deep crevices even in the fields that house sheep, cows and deer. On a walk along a levee, D was able to put walking stick far into a fissure in the ground

It would be great to say they’re “getting out of Dodge” but they can’t. Highway 1 going both north and south is closed, and it’s uncertain when it will reopen. Given that they have no WiFi, they aren’t able to find out when the road will open or if there is an option to leave their rental car in Kaikoura and fly by plane.

That will be their challenge to figure out tomorrow…

Walk around the nearby levees/easy/3 miles

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