The big question for the day after the big quake – will they get out of Kaikoura?


The sun did come up on Tuesday, just like it did on Monday morning following the just after midnight big quake.

The main focus of the day – getting out of Kaikoura, where the situation (no food, electricity , water etc) was going from bad to worse.

The Adventurers had turned to the host of their scheduled next stop – Split Apple Retreat – for assistance in getting out. And initially the news was good; he’d send a helicopter right to the property at Manakau to lift them out. Then the winds picked up, well over 50 kilometers per hour, so no go.

While he was working on alternatives, the Adventurers took a nice walk up the valley from Manakau and it only seems right to post a photo of how pretty the surrounding countryside is, even if a half a side of mountain came tumbling down.


There was renewed hope when a single engine plane became available but that, too, disappeared. But then they got word that a helicopter could land at Kaikoura airport even in the wind so they hustled off to get abroad.

But by the time they got to the airport which was on the other side of town, it had gone. Finally an hour plus later, another helicopter landed piloted by Brent who whisked them off to his horse ranch outside of Christchurch and then drove them to a airport hotel for the night.

Never did a shower feel better. How good it was to be on (almost) solid ground…

Photo of mountains by Dennis Nugent

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