Once again enjoying the New Zealand countryside on almost stable ground


split-apple-public-trail-1Reports coming from New Zealand seismologists are now saying that six different faults ruptured in Monday’s earthquake which has been upgraded to 7.8 on the Richter scale (which means it was twice a big a a 7.5).

The earthquake started in the south and then had a more northern part. Hence, one long big earthquake.

The Adventurers were able to put most of that behind them today. The flew from Christchurch to Nelson where they picked up a second rental car (kudos to Hertz for making the transition easy). They then drove around 90 minutes to reach their little bit of paradise, Split Apple Retreat ( the big splurge of the trip).

Owner Lee Nelson and wife Pen were there to welcome them with a good lunch after which they hiked down the hill to see namesake Split Apple Rock. They walked the beach exploring some caves before hiking up the public trail.

It was just what they needed to calm their jangled nerves…

Photos by Dennis Nugent

Hike/moderate/two miles


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