Out and about by boat on the Tasman Sea


l-and-d-kayaking-in-tasman-sea-1The Adventurers took to the water today, the first time since they’ve been in New Zealand. They took a small chartered boat and headed north along the coast, passing through the Tonga Island Marine Reserve.

First stop was Onetahuti (they think), where they got off the boat and boarded a two-person, sit on top kayak and headed up into a marshy inlet just to see how far up river they could get (not far). Almost immediately they spotted a New Zealand Fur Seal, which is actually a sea lion.

The tide was coming in, so they got from the bay to the marsh quickly and it only took a wee bit more effort to paddle back to the boat.

Lunch was served on board by the very capable Emma (the first female skipper in the area) who showed she could not only pilot a boat well but feed her passengers as well.


After lunch, they headed back south to Pitt Head/Te Pukatea where they once again went ashore, this time for a short hike that took them up to the ridge and back down for some good views.

It was a lovely (and stress free) day…

Photos of seal (sea lion) and L paddling by Dennis Nugent

Kayak/easy/1.5 miles
Hike/easy/1.5 miles

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