Second leg of the long drive down the West Coast of New Zealand


So, the Adventurers are again blaming Google Maps, which in the past has been very reliable, with the reality of driving from Franz Joseph to Queenstown, which they’d been advised would take a little over four hours. Not.

d-photograping-thunker-creek-1Yes, they stopped along the way. Their feeling was that after yesterday’s long drive, they’d be better doing some leg stretchers along the way. D, who is a bit obsessed with waterfalls, has mapped out two stops.

The first was Roaring Billy (top) which was reached via a trail of about 1 kilometer. They then walked along a rocky river bed before getting to see the dual falls. Lots of other road travelers were also making the stop.

Next up was Thunder Creek Falls, which was really close to the road. It was a higher falls, but, of course, still nothing like they’ve seen in the Sierras.

Finally, after another 7 hour drive, they reached their oasis, Azur Lodge, just outside of Queenstown. And what an oasis it was. Wine was delivered; dinner was ordered and delivered. And all they had to do was look out over Lake Wakatipu and the majestic mountains in the distance. More photos of that view to come…

Hike/easy/1.5 miles

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