So here they are in Queenstown – and now what?


After reaching their oasis last night and eating a wonderful roast lamb dinner in their room at Azur Lodge overlooking Lake Wakatipu (which, for the record, is only the third largest lake in New Zealand, which is pretty amazing as it looks like an ocean), the Adventurers set off in the morning along the lake towards Queenstown.

It was a bit of an up and down hike, but, all in all, not that challenging; They checked out a number of stores, but it wasn’t really their thing. In fact, Queenstown was akin to many mountain towns that have not excited them given how touristy it was (read Mammoth Lakes, Park City). They did like the old steamer ship that takes tourists up and down the lake.

But they got lucky as D spotted a peninsula that looked like a good way to extend their mileage, which turned out to be Queensland Gardens. That dumped them down to another  oasis for lunch, a restaurant called Botswana Butchery. What a winner it was!

That one of the Azul drivers pick them up make it even better…

Photo of steamer boat by Dennis Nugent

Hike/easy/4.8 miles

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