What to do on a trip that’s a bit snake bit?


So, after confirming that their kayak trip that was a go (calling at 7:30 am), the Adventurers headed up to Glenorchy, about 30 twisty miles west of Queensland.

walk-in-12-mile-delta-1Once they got there, their guide met them – and the two or three other couples – t0 tell them that high winds had cancelled the trip. Really???

This was about the time they decided that everything that could have gone bad on their NZ sojourn had done just that.

They make a bad situation worse by heading out to Slvan Lake before realizing they just may not had enough gas to get back, so turned around to Glenorchy where there was both petrol and food.

That made it possible for them to do a very pleasant three plus miles around the Glenorchy Lagoon. After lunch at the hospitable  cafe at the end of the road, they drove back towards Queenstown, stopping for one more leg stretcher along the river…

Photos by Dennis Nugent

Two hikes/easy/five plus miles

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