So they head home on two November 23rds

new-zealand-peak-b-d-1Yesterday’s fierce windstorm had subsided some this morning by the time the Adventures walked up the hill to the Azur Lodge for breakfast. They’d soon be headed to Auckland to catch their flight home to San Francisco. (They departed at 3:00 pm Nov. 23 and arrived at SFO on Nov. 23 at 6:30 am!)

So, given all, what did they think of their two weeks on the South Island?

Beauty abounds, and it is around each and every corner. It makes each and every outing a scenic thrill. The but: while they largely escaped torrential rain that other travelers experienced, they rarely had a calm day with high winds in many places. That didn’t differ them for hiking but it greatly diminished the kayaking they’d looked forward to.

The food is great – fresh, natural tasty. The people are friendly and welcoming. A few went above and beyond. They stayed in a number of very comfortable bed and breakfast type establishments, and two “over the top” places with Azur near Queenstown the clear winner on a number of fronts.

So, would they go back, particularly as they’d not seem the North island. The verdict is no. How much that is colored by the huge earthquake, they’ll never now for sure. How much the whole trip was affected by that early in the itinerary shaking, they don’t know.

They just know there are many other places in the world that beckon them…

Photo taken by Dennis Nugent at 12 Mile Scenic Reserve near Queenstown

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One Response to So they head home on two November 23rds

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Understood. I have fewer and fewer places I’d like to return to anyway, given the number of places I’d still like to see

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