Thanksgiving stroll around the golf course adjoining Baylands


shadowy-at-baylands-on-t-gving-1The Adventurers were going to do their regular Baylands loop as a Thanksgiving Day outing, but D suggested they park at the far end near the Athletic Field. That would give him an opportunity to check out progress on the rebuilding of Palo Alto Muni, his hangout before it went under the plow five months or so ago.

Channeling Booka (who was once president of the Senior Men’s Club), D pointed out were most of the holes once were and tried to figure out from the map how the new course would look. Now it’s just a lot of dirt with a sprinkling of some saved trees.

The path is part of the Bay Trail, with water in the channel that ebbs and flows with the tide. The Mag kept on eye on all the ducks and the water, hoping for a chance to take a dip, which she finally did at the halfway mark. After all, it was shirt sleeves weather.

A pleasant way to decompress after their adventures in New Zealand and the long flight home…

Walk/easy/4.05 miles

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