Trip to the City with big visit to the Tonga Room


grace-poolside-at-tonga-room-1The Adventurers like to get up to the City at least once during the holiday season. The area around Union Square (even with all the construction of new subway) is really bustling. And given all the languages one hears, you could be almost anywhere in the world.

Given the congestion, they choose to park at the Fifth and Mission garage and walk into the thick of things. They poised for a photo in front of Macy’s Christmas tree before heading over to the St. Francis where there were a couple of huge houses made of candy and cake.

It was then up the steep hill to the Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel, which James quickly proclaimed “the best restaurant ever,” and maybe that was before the thunder and rain came. Both kids had waterside seating and drinks with umbrellas.


grace-and-james_fairmont-christmas-tree-1L’s parents had danced around that pool when it was outside in the late 1930s. She’d been taken there as a child, and took John when he was young (with her parents in attendance.) So this was a kind of fourth generation tradition.

It was then up to the Fairmont lobby where there was a giant, walk-through gingerbread house and a huge tree for the kids to pose in front of.

What a fun late afternoon/evening…

Walk/moderate – that hill!/2.5 miles

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1 Response to Trip to the City with big visit to the Tonga Room

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    What a wonderful tradition! Great photos! We’re off to NYC on a business and pleasure trip, so will also have a big city Christmas fix!

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