Coastside for bluff walk and Christmas tree shopping on blustery day


The Adventurers started a new tradition last year, driving over to Half Moon Bay to buy their Christmas tree from the Cozzolino family, who they met through the Menlo Park Farmers Market.

shadowy-coastside-1With rain on the way later this week, they headed coast side this morning. They walked a segment of the coastal trail that they rarely do, from the Miramar Hotel to the Half Moon Bay camp ground, a round trip of just over five miles. It was a nice change of pace on what was a cool and blustery day.

Lunch was at the cafe at the San Benito House, as always, which features some of the best sandwiches in northern California, on housemade bread. And a patio makes it dog-friendly.

The final stop was at the Cozzolino tree lot where Tony and Stephanie where in attendance, and, as usual, there was a great assortment of trees.. They broke long-standing tradition and bought a Nordmann Fir rather than a noble. They liked its shape and somewhat distinct color and needles.

To top the day off they’re having friends over for a the first crab feed of the season…

Walk/easy/5.2 miles

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