Trimming the tree brings back decades of memories

christmas-tree-2016-1As D brought in the many boxes of Christmas decorations from the garage, L vowed that this will be the year that she does some pruning.

But the task at hand for this rainy day – and the past couple of days – has been getting stuff out of boxes and scattered around the house. Some would call this decorating for Christmas, but L has never been big about decorating anything or much to do with household type stuff.

The big take, of course, was decorating the tree, which they’d bought at Cozzolino’s lot in Half Moon Bay. After a couple of years of table top trees, L decided she wanted to go bigger this year, although not as big as the 10 feet ceilings can take.

This year’s tree is a Nordmann, a deviation from the usual Noble, but both L and D were struck by its nice shape. There’s a new topper – a large angel that L doesn’t have a clue where she got, although she suspects some after Christmas sale.

Many of the decorations have been around since the 70s and she can almost trace her post-college life by them. (And yes, some need to be culled, but she’s determined to keep a bit of history.)

Note to self for future reference: A table top tree does cut back on the hours of tree trimming but 7 feet is not that different than 9 other than not needing to get on a ladder…

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One Response to Trimming the tree brings back decades of memories

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Nice job! Quite lovely– and you have family close enough to come see it.🎄🎄🎄 Not always the case for us.

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