Three generations gather for Christmas dinner


Good friends Cathy and Mike once again hosted Christmas dinner that combines three families – Mike’s adult kids and grandkids, friends Terye and Jacob’s adult kids and grandkids, and L’s adult son John, wife Julie, and grandkids Grace and James. And, of course, D.

The evening starts with all the kids getting a wondrous assortment of presents from the hosts. There is lots of photo taking around the huge, beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

getze-clan-in-front-of-tree-1Then those younger than teenage, go to the breakfast room where a festive table is set for them.

The adults are in the dining room and the table was maybe the best ever this year – a mix of beaded animals set amongst bright red roses. And of course, Christmas treasure balls this year also themed as animals, antlers and all.

What a special gift…


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