Visit with classmate and long, scenic walk on the Monterrey Peninsula


The Adventurers aren’t sure if it’s an actual New Year’s tradition, but for the second year on the row they find themselves in Carmel for the New Year holiday, accompanied by The Mag.

Their first stop today was in Carmel Valley where they visited one of their M-A classmates whose a renowned art glass (but just as nice as he was in high school). Alan Masaoka does work for private commissions as well as public space, the most recent being a glass installation at the new San Francisco General Hospital, an effort spearheaded by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan.

d-and-the-mag-along-mission-trail-1Alan’s workshop is at the back of his retails store where he sells not only his work but those of other artists. They had a good visit and L made it official by interviewing him for InMenlo. She thinks he may be their second most famous classmate (hard to beat Stevie Nicks.

After a pizza lunch at their Carmel Valley favorite Cafe Rustica (where the outdoor seating is so civilized it’s under a canopy with heaters, they checked into their hotel. Next order of business was a good walk for Maggie, who had been sedentary due to the car ride, visit and lunch.

They new the Mission trail that goes also a creek across from the Carmel Mission and walked to the top of it before heading in the direction of Carmel-by-the-Sea proper. Along the way, they passed a tree that had been decorated with Christmas ornaments.

From Carmel Beach, they headed out on the aptly named Scenic Drive continuing all the way to Carmel River near Mission Ranch. It was a good long haul, but they rewarded themselves with a dinner at the Ranch that evening…

Walk/moderate due to some hills/ 4.75 miles

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