Hiking and a bit of sightseeing on coast heading to Big Sur


The Adventurers wanted something a bit less ambitious today, so they headed south to an are called Carmel Meadows that neither of them had ever explored. Parking at Monastery Beach (otherwise known as Mortuary Beach due to its dangerous riptide), they headed on a bluff top trail toward the mouth of the Carmel River.

d-and-the-mag-at-the-cross-1Reaching it and the adjacent Carmel River Beach (photo top), it was clear that it was not passable , so looped back, first climbing a hill, eventually coming upon a cross. According to a historical marker, a cross like it had first been erected by the Portola Crespi expedition from Mexico in 1769, a signal to an overdue supply ship. Views were pretty whichever way they looked.

It was about 11:00 and D suggested they continue south to have lunch at Rocky Point, which had long been one of his favorites and L had never heard of. It’s perched on a cliff with even more breathtaking views (bottom photo).

Thanks to the sun, it was pleasant to eat outside, which made The Mag happy (no waiting in the car). And they added another half mile, walking along the skinny trail that forms a half moon around the restaurant.

Rumor has it for years the restaurant’s food for not good but new ownership took over four years ago, accusing to their water. L’s cioppino was excellent.


Hike/easy/2.5 miles; hike/tricky/.5 miles

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