New Year’s day hike in area that brought ghosts from the past


After another good dinner at Mission Ranch last night (New Year’s Eve), the Adventurers came back to their hotel and played another few rounsd of Yahtzee which L won by the skin of her teeth (and the roll of the dice).

So, they didn’t get up up too early (at least for them) on the 1st of January. They headed out from their hotel a bit before 10:00 with Fort Ord National Monument their hiking destination.


It  held poignancy on two accounts: outgoing President Obama had designated it a national monument only in 2012, but many of their male contemporaries has found this the first training ground on their way to the Vietnam War. In that respect, they walked with ghosts.

Today, it is Maggie heaven as many of the main gravel roads are off leash areas. And The Mag does enjoy channeling the Yorkshire moors of her ancestors.

While the sun never came out, walking these paths filled their hearts of what had been an important part of their history…

Hike/moderate/4.75 miles

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1 Response to New Year’s day hike in area that brought ghosts from the past

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Great way to start! Happy New Year! I think we will manage a Bay Area trip in 2017 at does not involve heavy family commitments. Would love to see you!

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