Return trip to Devil’s Slide park on the San Mateo county coast


An early appointment in the City got the Adventurers on the road just before dawn this morning. Knowing she’d have to wait in the car a bit, they took The Mag anyway, given that it was another sparkling crisp and cool day, the kind they might not see for another week given the rain forecast.

d-and-the-mag-in-front-of-lantos-tunnels-1D thought it would be good to come down from the City on Highway One all the way, which they did, stopping at Devil’s Slide Trail. They’d first visited their in 2015, a year or so after San Mateo County Parks opened what was once the slide-prone old coast road for recreational use.

Given the chilly temperatures accompanied by some gusty wind, they had the trail almost to themselves. It’s not a difficult walk, although there’s one 9% grade. At the far end of the trail, The Mag and D poised in front of the Tom Lantos tunnel that guarantees this stretch of the coast road stays open (well, at least in all most all circumstances as they discovered in New Zealand.

The Mag, of course, loved every wind-blown step…

Hike/easy/3.25 miles

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