On the road again, heading south on Highway 101


The Adventurers headed south just after lunch today, with the ultimate destination  being Pasadena, where the grand-twins, Kai and Lily live with their parents Nikki and Matt.

d-and-l-at-camp-roberts-1But, true to form, they weren’t ambitious enough to make it the whole way, instead heading for Shell/Pismo Beach.

But, as they’ve done in the past, they stopped at the rest area at Camp Roberts, the beloved Army base where L’s father, Booka, did his basic training before being selecting for Officer Candidacy School. L grew up hearing how much he loved marching those hot and arid hills in the summertime. In the winter, they are verdant green.

One reason to stop in the Pismo area was for D to catch up with one of his friends, Randy, who he knew Stockton days. F. McClintock’s decor featured a lot of  stuffed animals, including a huge buffalo (bison?) Such a scene might not fly as well in the PC Bay Area. We might add that the steaks were excellent

When they got back to their very comfortable, retro motel, the Shell Beach Inn, they took The Mag for a walk where they encountered “too much Christmas” still up. When you pushed a button it even snowed…


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1 Response to On the road again, heading south on Highway 101

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Did you like the Shell Beach 🌊 Inn? We’re sometimes that direction. So glad you’re making the most of your little jaunts!

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