Maggie and her friends walk LA’s most exclusive neighborhood

maggie-d-christine-and-twoley-inbeverly-park-1Maggie went on a audition today, but she didn’t know it. She went on a walk with L and D, joined by Christine and her friend’s dog, Twoley.

For many years, L heard about her UCLA classmate’s walks in Beverly Park, where she frequently encountered Barry Bonds and his small dog. [Note: Seems Barry is back in NoCal with latest wife; sources say Burlingame.]

As they headed north from the LA basin, the Adventurers stopped at Christine and Rick’s house, and Chris drove them to  her friend’s 20,000-square foot (not a typo) home in Beverly Park. The home was so big that L couldn’t photographic with her iPhone. She would have needed a wide angle lens.

None of this bothered The Mag, who approached all of the opulent wealth without blinking an eye. To her, it was just another romp in the park. But this was one big [private] park.

The very exclusive neighborhood included residents include Sly Stallone, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Rod Stewart, among others. In the middle of it all was park where Maggie got to run off leash. And pose with Christine and D and Twoley…

Walk/easy/two miles

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