Catching up with the grandkids over soccer, wildlife museum and dinner


james-playing-soccer-1The Adventurers headed over to Moraga today first to see James play indoor soccer, a team coached by his Dad (who maintains if he was rich, all he would do is coach. We know he had a great mentor growing up.)

This was the team’s third game and the stayed ahead of the opposition for all of the 60 minutes played, which is a multi-purpose room with a floor smaller than outdoor soccer. The big moment came when James scored his first goal – ever! They were glad to be witnesses.

It was then on to Walnut Creek where they visited the Lindsey Wildlife Experience, a compact mini-zoo with various grace-flying-at-lindsey-wildlife-center-1activities for the kids to do, such as flying like a bird over the nearby towns. What was really striking about the place was the live hawks and owls perched high above. On first notice, you thought they were stuffed. But then they moved!

Final stop was dinner at the Cooperage in Lafayette, a family friendly but quite good American grill that J&J had just discovered. It was really good, the kids were, as mostly always, well-behaved. And a good time was had by all…


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