Hello to paradise, Mexican style, with an awesome sunset


The Adventurers got up before dawn this morning and Ubered (how quickly a noun becomes a verb!) there way to SFO to catch a flight to Puerto Vallarta, which was not their final destination.

Sometime last year, L had interviewed a hotel executive who had worked at the world’s top brands, e.g. Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton etc. At the end of the interview, she asked him that given he could go anywhere, where did he go to relax and refresh. His answer: Sayulita, Mexico.

So that’s where the Adventurers are, sort of. They’re actually a bit south at a remarkable beach/jungle resort called Playa Escondida. The sunset was shot from their room, which is up a bit from the beach but with full ocean view.

Many of their fellow guests are young couples, maybe honeymooners, as this is a honeymoon kind of place. Tomorrow they will explore more of the surrounding area. Tonight, it was easy to enjoy a great dinner while the sun went down. And wonder why anyone would go to Hawaii when a place like this exists half the distance closer and half the price…


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One Response to Hello to paradise, Mexican style, with an awesome sunset

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    It looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful time!

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