Checking out the no longer sleepy fishing village of Sayulita


While the Adventurers had picked Sayulita as their winter book and beach vacation last summer based on a hotel executive’s comment that it was his favorite place to go and unwind, they’d heard a lot about what guidebooks still call at “sleepy fishing village,” and it wasn’t all good.

colorful-cemetary-1Friends who’d there been used words like dirty, congested and filled with hippies. Then upon arriving a bunch of people posted on TripAdvisor that the town was allowing raw sewage to go into into’s lovely crescent beach and “that the whole town smells of sewage.”

So, when they headed into town today, let’s just say they’re expectations weren’t high.

Getting there was a bit of a challenge. They walked along the ocean front for the first quarter mile or so, having to scamper over some big boulders, not L’s favorite kind of outing. But they made slow but steady progress, before coming out to a lovely beach where they caught the trail that took them through the jungle to town, passing another lovely beach and a very colorful cemetery.


They chose to enter town via the broad crescent beach that rims the far west side, Needless to say, they didn’t go into the water and eventually turned up a staircase that took them to the town center.

marys-restaurant-in-sayulita-1It was crowded with people – they later learned that this is a Mexican three day weekend so lots are on holiday. It’s bustling in kind of a fun way and they enjoyed a leisurely and delicious fish taco lunch at Mary’s watching the throngs go by.

While many of the shops are filled with the usual tourist stuff, there are also some quite nice stores and they talked to a number of proprietors who were eager to share how they’d come to be, including a purveyor of fine wines (in tequila land!) and a Swiss man who had a lovely clothing store, which they’ll circle back to.

The purchase of the day was a traditional Mexican skull painted in Patriots color. A photo has been sent to Pats fan, son John, who will be the owner of the skull when the Adventurers return home.

The saw as many leathered ex Pats as they say old hippies. And presumably due to the holiday, lots of Mexicans on vacation. Sayulita would never be their choice to stay. And that’s why they are 20 minutes out of town at beautiful Playa Escondida…

Hike/moderate/3.5 miles

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