Another lunch people watching in Sayulita


tweedledee-and-tweedledum-in-sayulita-1The Adventurers took the “long way” into Sayulita late this morning, meaning they went via roads rather than beach and paths. It meant a very steep initial pull but it was easy after that.

The place they’d hope to eat was closed whether it was because it was Sunday or it’s only open for dinner, and when no table was to be had at their back up, they went across the street where they found themselves to be the only gringos. Lots of locals (or visiting Mexicans) enjoying a Sunday lunch.

They laughed at all the effort their home town of Menlo Park is doing to be little islands of dining adjacent to downtown restaurants. No such planning and permits in Sayulita, tables just get put right on the street, giving just enough space for cars to pass.

As was the case yesterday, great people watching. L particularly liked Tweedledee and Tweedledum…

Hike/moderate/6 miles

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