Visit to nearby San Pancho reveals a sleepy, hippy – and friendly – town, maybe like Sayulita used to be


The Adventurers took a taxi north of their resort – and Sayulita – today to a town called San Francisco, although locals refer to it as San Pancho.

d-with-surfboards-1They think it’s closer to what Sayulita was 30 years ago, not without tourists but much more laid back and considerably less crowded. It even had the hippies that they’d been told were the hallmark of Sayulita.

The town stretches from the turn off to the beach, about a mile in distance. Shops and restaurants line the main drag, and while some are clearly aimed at tourists, there were clearly shops for residents as well as surf shops for locals and visitors alike.

As they have found throughout Mexico, the people are gracious and friendly, and proud. Because there weren’t crowds, it was easy to go into a shop and talk to the owner. One of the nicest shops, Luna Layne was staffed by an American named Peggy from Seattle. She not only pointed them to a good lunch at Barracuda but told them about a beach south of their resort where it is calm enough to swim. (That will be tomorrow’s adventure.)

The beach at San Pancho was filled but not jam-packed, considering that today is a national holiday. The man with horses got L’s attention, natch…

Walk/easy/three miles

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